After kissing Harry Styles, Emily Ratajkowski explained that she is dating someone for the first time in a long while

Emily Ratajkowski’s private life has been under intense media scrutiny lately. The model and actress drew attention when she was seen kissing singer Harry Styles in Tokyo, which caused controversy due to her previous relationship with Olivia Wilde’s former partner.

In a recent interview with Vogue, Ratajkowski spoke about her personal life, expressing her discomfort about having her experiences exposed and scrutinized by the public.

She revealed that she has moved on from her past relationship with musician Jeff Magid and is currently dating someone new, but she didn’t give any additional information.

Ratajkowski has been married to producer Sebastian Bear-McClard since 2018, and the couple has a son together. However, Bear-McClard has been accused of sexual harassment, leading to further controversy for the couple.

It remains to be seen how this latest scandal will impact Ratajkowski and her family, but it’s evident that her personal life continues to pique public and media interest.

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