The dying man’s final desire is to secure a permanent home for his beloved pet.

John suffers from a neurological condition that weakens his muscles, causing him to rely on a wheelchair. Despite these challenges, he remains devoted to his furry friend. Pawpaw, John’s 13th dog, has been a constant companion in his life, and John wants to ensure that the dog finds a loving home even after he is gone.

Unfortunately, John’s health has deteriorated, making it difficult for him to continue caring for Pawpaw. He hopes to find a family that will provide the same level of love and attention to Pawpaw as he has.

Typically, the pets of deceased owners end up homeless, which is something John is trying to prevent. He describes Pawpaw as an energetic and friendly dog, who still acts like a puppy despite being 13 years old. Pawpaw would make a perfect addition to any family that enjoys an active lifestyle.

Finding a permanent home for Pawpaw would be the greatest gift John could receive. It would ensure that his loyal companion has a bright future, free from the risk of euthanasia.

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