A cat that was subjected to severe abuse by its former owners has lost weight after being overweight.

Meet Wilford, an adorable 8-year-old cat weighing 28 pounds who will surely steal your heart. Sadly, his previous owner was unable to take care of him, resulting in him being brought to a local rescue center in a heartbreaking state of obesity and uncleanliness.

Thankfully, the rescue team took him in and provided him with the care and attention he needed. According to his current caretaker, Wilford was severely overweight, stressed, and matted when he arrived in December after being abused by his previous owner. As a result, he had to be completely shaved down.

After being taken to the vet, he was diagnosed with asthma and respiratory infections. His foster parents have since been taking him to the vet regularly to address his health issues.

For Wilford to be healthy, he needs to lose a significant amount of weight as excessive weight can be extremely dangerous for cats. Currently weighing 28 pounds, he should ideally weigh no more than 14 pounds, meaning he needs to lose at least half of his body weight.

Despite his health issues, Wilford remains a playful cat with a big heart and an amazing personality, according to his foster owners. He is now starting to exercise and lose weight while receiving medication and using an inhaler to manage his asthma.

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