Leonardo DiCaprio and Irina Shayk were seen together at a party in California and reportedly had a pleasant conversation on the dance floor

The 48-year-old actor, Leonardo DiCaprio, has been seen attending various social events lately, such as the annual Coachella music festival and the Neon Carnival party in Thermal. It was at the latter event that he met top model Irina Shayk, and they were spotted conversing and dancing together.

DiCaprio even helped Shayk fix her earrings. Some internet users are discussing their relationship, with some expressing surprise about their age difference, while others find them to be a lovely couple.

After the party, Shayk seemed to be in high spirits and even shared a revealing photoshoot on her social media accounts. This is not the first time they have been seen together, as they previously attended a party for the Swedish automobile brand Polestar.

They were introduced by Bradley Cooper, who are a close friend of DiCaprio’s and the father of Shayk’s daughter.

There are also rumors that DiCaprio is dating British TV presenter Maya Jama and has been seen going on dates with her and giving her flowers.

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