An officer successfully rescued a dog that was tied to a pole and in dire condition. The animal was struggling to breathe and in need of immediate attention.

This is the story of how Officer Angela Laurella rescued a dog that was found tied to a pole in Pompano, Florida. The street where the dog was found was a dead end with no cameras, so it’s unclear how long the animal had been there.

The temperature outside was 100 degrees Fahrenheit and the dog was tied to the pole so tightly that it couldn’t move. When Officer Laurella found the weak gray dog, it was extremely emaciated and dehydrated, with ribs sticking out that made it easy to count every bone.

The poor dog cringed and gave its paw when approached, seeming to say, “Save me, please!” Officer Laurella realized that the dog needed special medical attention and care, so she turned to the rescue of 100+ abandoned dogs from the Everglades, Florida.

The rescue organization accepted Liam, and after a long rehabilitation and visits to the vet, Liam is slowly gaining strength and eating better.

The founder of the rescue organization said that proper nutrition is not enough for recovery, as the animal also needs love and attention, which Liam receives from volunteers who prepare tasty dog food.

The story highlights the issue of homeless animals on the streets and the need for people to be more responsible towards their pets and show kindness and care towards them.

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