The Baby Elephant Rescued and Enjoys Bath Time

Upon stepping into a tub filled with water, the adorable baby elephant named Chaba immediately knew that she wanted to experience it again.

Sadly, Chaba’s mother was previously forced to participate in circus acts, such as bike riding, performing shows, and painting pictures. If not for the intervention of rescuers, this would have been Chaba’s future as well.

“The sight we saw was completely heartbreaking. The mother was on a small chain, both in a concrete pen. It was obvious that they needed urgent help,” said the rescue team director.

Negotiating their release in September, the rescuers suggested that Chaba and her mother should walk to the sanctuary themselves. Upon arrival, they gave Chaba a bath and were surprised at how happy it made her.

“Chaba is definitely a water lover. She kept splashing water and running back and forth to Mom for reassurance.” Now living freely in the sanctuary, Chaba and her mother are enjoying their new lives, with water being one of Chaba’s greatest joys.

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