Britney Spears showcased a sizzling dance in her living room wearing a snakeskin thong and a mini-top.

Britney Spears, the famed American vocalist, has caused concern among her fans by resuming the production of partially unclothed videos. Using the moniker “River Red” on Instagram, the 41-year-old Grammy awardee shared a strange dance routine in which she moved her body energetically while shaking her head with her blonde hair down.

This is not the first instance in which Spears has uploaded such videos, in which she appears almost bare and sometimes disoriented. Her most recent upload has left fans anxious about her well-being.

The artist appeared in the video sporting a flashy yellow cropped top with bare shoulders and a skimpy snakeskin fabric swimsuit bottom. The outfit left very little to the imagination, revealing a toned midriff, curvy backside, and tattoos in her private area.

Her long legs were highlighted by knee-high leather boots with pointed toes. Apart from appreciating Britney Spears’ alluring physique in the video, some of her most ardent admirers also noticed the absence of a wedding ring on her hand.

It appears that her young spouse, Sam Asgari, may have reached his limit with his wife’s provocative behavior. Not too long ago, Spears even gave a private bikini-clad dance for her manager.

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