Keanu Reeves publicly displayed affection towards his partner on the red carpet, proving he may not be as modest as he seems

Keanu Reeves is known for being open about his personal life and happily sharing the details with the public.


Recently, on April 15, the actor was spotted attending the Museum of Contemporary Art Gala in Los Angeles with his partner, artist Alexandra Grant. The couple looked very happy together, posing for photos with big smiles.

At the event, Alexandra wore a red floral print dress, while Keanu opted for a classic look. They were inseparable throughout the evening, holding hands and even kissing in public.

Their relationship was made public in January 2019 when they were spotted by paparazzi while out for dinner. Since then, the couple has been frequently seen in public, enjoying each other’s company.

Keanu had been single for a long time before meeting Alexandra, and he considered her not only a good partner but also an ideal friend.

What do you think of this couple? They look great together, don’t they?

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