A woman adopts a squirrel and they become inseparable

Introducing Bunk, a squirrel who was recently taken in by Patty Robinson after she fell in love with him upon seeing him in her backyard.

Despite her efforts to locate his mother, Patty couldn’t find her, so she decided to provide a home for the little squirrel.

Bunk quickly became attached to Patty and they developed a close bond. According to Patty, the moment she held Bunk, he melted in her hands, and when he fell out of her pocket, she decided to name him “Bunk.”

Although Patty initially attempted to release Bunk back into the wild, he kept returning to her, and after a few tries, she gave up on setting him free.

While squirrels are not the most ideal pets due to their biting tendencies and high maintenance costs, Patty loves Bunk too much to complain.

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