New pictures of Jessica Simpson, who lost 100 pounds after giving birth to her third child, have left her close friends surprised and amazed

Jessica Simpson, a mother of three, has undergone a noticeable weight loss transformation that has even alarmed her fans. The 42-year-old singer and actress were recently spotted with her husband at New York’s Kennedy Airport, wearing high-waisted lace-up leather pants, an emerald cropped jacket, and a black top that accentuated her slimmer figure.

However, fans have expressed concern for her health as she appears much thinner than before, with her clothes appearing to hang loosely on her and her cheeks looking sunken. Many fans fear that she has lost too much weight.

In response to the concerns, Simpson has stated that she feels healthy and has consulted with a dietitian to improve her eating habits. She claims that she feels younger and has more energy than before, and is able to wear all the clothes in her wardrobe.

Despite her reassurances, many fans still worry about her weight loss and the impact it may have on her health.

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