A young woman discovered an elderly man living alone in a dilapidated house and made the decision to assist him. Check out how this grandfather looks today

Leslie Muir is an adventurer who explores abandoned and eerie locations throughout Canada, taking photographs along the way. During one of her expeditions, she came across a run-down house that had always piqued her interest.

While preparing to capture some shots, she heard noises and discovered an elderly man named Lawrence living alone in the living room. Despite his unsettling appearance, Leslie soon learned that Lawrence was a kind and amiable individual who had been residing in the abandoned house after becoming partially paralyzed from a bull injury and a stroke.

Leslie started to visit Lawrence frequently, cooking for him, cleaning the house, and even bringing her dog, Violet, to keep him company. After realizing that Lawrence’s health was deteriorating, she made the decision to move him to a nearby nursing home.

Despite the relocation, Leslie remains in touch with Lawrence and hopes that his story will encourage others to reconnect with those they’ve lost touch with.

The old man considers Leslie a friend, and she feels fortunate to have met him.

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