Monica Belluci, who is 56 years old, recently shared some archival photos with her fans, with some of them commenting that she is the most beautiful person in the world.

The celebrated Italian actress recently shared a mesmerizing throwback photo on her Instagram account, flaunting a chic neckline. In the picture, Monica can be seen wearing a stunning all-white strapless gown, standing next to a beautifully crafted wrought-iron arch and gracefully touching it while looking captivatingly at the camera.

In the caption, she acknowledged the photographer and revealed that the photo is from the archives. Her post was met with an overwhelming response of love and adoration from her followers, who flooded the comments section with heartfelt compliments.

Many fans from across the world expressed their deep affection for Belluci, with some even declaring her the most beautiful woman on earth, while others praised her outstanding acting skills, considering her the finest Italian actress.

Monica’s Instagram feed is a perfect mix of contemporary and throwback snapshots, featuring an array of photographs spanning two decades, including present-day images. It’s worth noting that even after all these years, the actress still looks remarkably stunning, continuing to delight her fans with her timeless charm and beauty.

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