After rescuing a newborn squirrel and providing care, wildlife rehabilitators found that the animal was not willing to return to the wild.

Christina and Michael, experts in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation, were called to help when a squirrel built a nest near a man’s hallway for her two newborn squirrels.

Although the nest was secure, the mother squirrel stopped coming to care for the babies, and sadly one of the newborns did not survive. The other was alive but could not survive without their help, so they took on the responsibility of caring for the little squirrel, whom they named Thumbelina.

Despite being small, Thumbelina was a fighter and battled for survival. She was bottle-fed by her human parents, and as she grew, they noticed that her behavior was unusual compared to other squirrels.

This may be due to the fact that she was raised away from her kind. Although Michael tried to introduce her to the wild, it was unsuccessful, as Thumbelina seems to prefer the domestic lifestyle with her foster parents.

Despite being different from other squirrels, Thumbelina appears to be happy and content with her new family.

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