Challenging as it is to find homes for animals, those with special needs can be even more difficult to place.

Finding a home for any animal is a challenging task, but it becomes even more difficult when it comes to pets with special needs. These animals require more love, attention, and care. However, Tracey Fowler has stepped up to the challenge and adopted several pups, now having a total of eight dogs under her care.

Tracey ensures that her furry friends live their lives to the fullest. “Now I have 8 dogs, 6 of which have special needs,” Tracey says. She shows them love and affection every day and never holds back. This is especially important during the winter season when it becomes more difficult for dogs with wheelchairs to play outside.

Tracey understands that adopting pets with special needs is not for everyone, but she hopes that more people will be willing to take on this journey.

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