Heartwarming Moment as Rescued Owl Shows Gratitude to Her Caretaker for Saving Her Life”

An owl named GiGi was brought to Heart Rescue in Mississippi, having sustained severe brain injuries from a car accident. Founder of Wild at Heart, Missy Dubusson, described GiGi’s condition, stating that the bird had pneumonia and was infested with parasites.

GiGi was very weak and lost a significant amount of weight during her treatment, a concerning development for owls, as they typically weigh between 2 and 5 pounds. At first, GiGi could not feed herself and had to be hand-fed. However, with time, she gradually regained her strength and started eating on her own.

During her recovery, GiGi was primarily cared for by Pojeky, who played a significant role in giving the owl a second chance at life. Once, when Pojeky returned from visiting his family in Michigan and examined GiGi, the bird responded by dancing joyfully on his arm.

GiGi came closer to Pojeky, laid her head on his shoulder, and hugged him with her wings as an expression of gratitude for saving her life. This touching moment serves as evidence that animals, like humans, are capable of experiencing emotions.

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