An elephant, named Rhea, has finally been reunited with her family and friends after being held captive in a circus for almost 50 years.

Rhea, an elephant, spent almost half a century in an Indian circus until rescuers intervened to free her.

It was a challenging task for the rescuers to obtain legal permission for her release, but they persisted and finally succeeded in 2015.

When they brought her home, they arranged for her to reunite with her sister. Rhea was in a bad condition after years of being chained and mistreated in the circus.

However, after receiving proper care, she was taken to the Elephant care center, where she was greeted by other elephants and made friends with them.

Rhea was finally able to enjoy delicious food after being fed a poor diet for 53 years. After years of captivity, she is now living her best life.

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