Jessica Alba was photographed on the beach wearing a green swimsuit, revealing flaws such as sagging belly and cellulite.

Jessica Alba is now seen in public very rarely. At one point, she was a popular celebrity admired by many men and envied by women for her slender figure and gracefulness. Even after giving birth to two children, she maintained her slim physique, but after the birth of her third child, she gained excess weight and struggled to return to her previous form.

However, with determination and willpower, Alba committed to intense training and was able to regain her former figure. She has since mostly retired from acting and focused on her business and family, hence her infrequent public appearances.

Recently, the paparazzi captured photos of Alba on vacation in Hawaii with her husband. Some fans admitted they would have trouble recognizing her due to the flaws in her figure, such as sagging breasts and cellulite on her hips, emphasized by her green bikini.

Despite these imperfections, Alba, who is now 41 years old, still looks good for her age. She even authored a book called “Sincere Beauty” in which she shared her secrets to maintaining her youth, such as consuming only organic products and drinking plenty of water for hydrated skin.

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