“Inlove Bums” suggests what Justin and Hailey Bieber look like when they think they are not being observed.

It’s not an easy task to recognize Justin and Hailey Bieber as street fashion royalty, but their style has earned them a reputation as one of the most fashionable couples of our time. They are known for their love of trendy oversized clothing and the latest sneakers, and their joint appearances often spark debates among fashion enthusiasts.

Recently, the couple was seen at Charles de Gaulle airport, where they opted for casual outfits for their flight. Hailey looked stylish in a classic coat, jeans, and a basic black sweater, while Justin’s attire drew attention.

Despite trying to conceal themselves with sunglasses, hats, and masks, the couple was still spotted by persistent photographers. While they are often seen in ultra-stylish outfits, even their casual attire looked adorable.

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