Hotel guests were bewildered by Salma Hayek, aged 56, as she lifted her leg provocatively in the hotel corridor

Salma Hayek remains a renowned and beautiful Hollywood celebrity, and her youthful appearance at 56 is due to a combination of factors, including regular fitness training, proper nutrition, and beauty treatments, as well as her genetic makeup.

She has always been inclined towards natural aging and hasn’t received any injections. Salma herself has revealed that her impressive breasts are her most prominent asset, which continues to grow for no apparent reason.

Salma prefers contemporary and stylish looks, which is evident from her choice of clothing – a black satin pajama-style suit with a floral print and feather trimming, accompanied by pearl beads and black ankle boots with an unusual heel shape.

Despite the attention-grabbing attire, the photos were unusual because of the pose Salma struck, lifting her leg and leaning on the wall, perplexing her admirers but gaining a lot of publicity.

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