A canine with a crumpled blanket-like appearance!

A new internet sensation has emerged in the form of Harvey, a Shar Pei that has captured the hearts of many with his adorable appearance. Harvey’s owner, Teresa Arguimbau, is particularly fond of his wrinkles.

Although Shar-Pei dogs have a history of being used for hunting and fighting, Harvey does not display any of these traits.

Despite being only 6 months old, Harvey’s unique skin – nearly without hair – is a distinctive feature.

However, his wrinkles can cause issues for him, particularly when drinking water as they can become trapped in the folds, leading to inflammation. As a result, his owner must regularly wipe and moisturize the skin surrounding the folds.

Harvey’s vision is also impaired due to the excessive skin around his eyes, which he has had surgically corrected. Harvey has two brothers, Don and Louie, and currently resides with his owner on the island of Menorca.

He is a fan of playing in the sand and walking along the beach.

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