Amanda Bynes Ended Up in a Psychiatric Hospital After Being Seen Walking the Streets Naked

Amanda Bynes was admitted to a mental hospital after someone pulled a sympathetic prank on her. On the streets of Los Angeles, the actress appeared completely exposed.

Amanda Bynes Placed on Psychiatric Hold, Found Naked and Roaming Streets
The singer of “She’s a Man” and “What a Girl Wants” has long battled mental health problems. The actress struggles with addiction. Last weekend, she was observed enjoying leisurely strolls by herself while strolling the street in her nude form.
Then Amanda called 911, telling a passing car that she was having a mental breakdown. Police officers arrived to pick up the actress. At the police station, Bynes had a medical evaluation before being committed to a mental hospital.

Amanda Bynes' Parents Have No Plan to Put Her Back in Conservatorship After  'Psychiatric Hold'

Even against their request, patients are isolated for 72 hours at this unusual hospital in California. It can be prolonged if additional time is required. Over this time, specialists will conduct a thorough evaluation of the person’s mental state. Amanda did not fight medical or law enforcement officers, according to the Daily Mail. The actress’s health is now entirely in the care of professionals.

Amanda Bynes has struggled with mental health problems for a very long time. The actor has been identified as having an anxiety disorder and social anxiety.

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