A Kind Chinese Millionaire Uses All of His Money To Buy a Slaughterhouse and Turn It Into a Large Dog Shelter

Wang Yan, a 32-year-old Chinese billionaire, started off impoverished before deciding to dedicate his life to helping others. A guy with a net worth of more than $1 million lost his cherished puppy in 2012.
The Chinese were so affected by the animal’s death that the man chose to donate his whole inheritance to a dog shelter.
Wang searched all over for his dog but was unsuccessful. The Chinese added. “I was told to get in touch with the local animal slaughterhouse representatives.

Millionaire Goes Broke Turning A Dog Slaughterhouse Into A Safe Haven For  Animals - The Animal Rescue Site News
After going there, he was still unable to locate his dog. But the millionaire was so horrified by his sight of the mass killing of stray animals that he made the decision to start a shelter for stray dogs.

About what he witnessed in the slaughterhouse, the guy said, “I would not wish such a fate on anyone.”

The man purchased the “bloody factory’s” structure and replaced it with a dog shelter.

Kindhearted Chinese millionaire spends all of his money buying a slaughterhouse and opening a big shelter for dogs in its place

At one point, there were a thousand dogs residing in Yan.

Yet, the majority of them were able to land in caring hands. The Chinese shelter now has a little over 200 dogs living there.

The maintenance of the shelter was paid for in large part with Chinese funds. He is essentially bankrupt right now.

The man persists nonetheless and does not give up.

Chinese millionaire spends all his fortune saving stray dogs from  slaughterhouse | Daily Mail Online“I do not accept donations. I really hope that people will appear who will help me warm up the shelter for the winter,” Yan said.

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