You Can’t Gaze Without Getting the Chills. Model Ratajkowski Received Criticism for a Top-angle Shot

Although Emily Ratajkowski, a 30-year-old model, has received a lot of praise for her post-pregnancy body, some people have also criticized her for what they perceive to be flaws in her photos.

Some envious models appear to be adept at spotting flaws. Emily’s critics are slandering her and making remarks about her belly button, while her supporters are complimenting her perfect abs.

It’s revolting. “I can’t even look at that without feeling disgusted.” “What’s wrong with her belly button?” “How can you sleep at night with that?”

Emily Ratajkowski posa com cabelo curtíssimo e fãs reagem | Cabelo | Glamour

“She’s gorgeous, but she should cover her defects,” and “Oh my goodness, that’s horrible,” are some of the criticisms made of the model. These remarks, however, are in sharp contrast to the opinions of her beauty subscribers.


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