Pitbull Is So Uncommon That He Is Unique

Have a look at this image! Very likely, you believe that this is a cheetah. since we did, too! Any image of Titus has the appearance of a cheetah.

Titus is a very uncommon pitbull. There is no one else like him since he is unique. Amazing, isn’t it? He is the sole surviving example of a breed like that, since they are so uncommon.

As it’s the first thing someone notices when they encounter this pitbull for the first time, his greatest claim to fame is “the dog that looks like a cheetah.” But, until he became popular on the Internet, not many people were aware of his extreme rarity.

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Currently, it shouldn’t come as a surprise when a dog resembles a cheetah, but this kind of mutation is quite uncommon.

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There are various ways to make your dog seem like a cheetah, and some claim that the dog’s owners permanently tattooed their pet in order to achieve this look.
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