Margot Robbie, Who Stars in an Action-packed Movie, Was Photographed by Photographers in Florida

The “Babylon” actor suddenly rose to the status of a fashion icon.

This time, the on-screen love interest of Leonardo DiCaprio has unexpectedly altered her routine. Margot was magnificently attired in a dazzlingly beaded, ultra-short black gown. The strapless dress accentuated the Hollywood diva’s slim body superbly.

The diva finished the striking outfit with a pair of light-colored Bottega Veneta flats, and she accessorized with delicate gold earrings. The actress’ tanned skin tone looked gorgeous with the dress. Robbie seemed even more lovely as her hair recklessly cascaded over her cheeks.

Margot worries about her wellbeing. She wears a protective mask for a month throughout the cold weather, and Robbie this time did not disregard this gear.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Margot Robbie talked about her bed sequences in the movie. Three Academy Awards have “Babylon” up for consideration: best costume design, best soundtrack, and best art direction.

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