Every year, a penguin flies thousands of kilometers to meet its rescuer

Joo Pereira de Sus, a 71-year-old fisherman, discovered a weary penguin on a beach close to Rio de Janeiro in 2011.
A thick, sticky liquid enveloped the animal completely. The dead penguin was a result of falling into an oil slick in the water.

Joo treated the little penguin in his house. The fisherman and the penguin grew close and bonded to one another. Dindim was the name of the penguin. He was incredibly appreciative to the fisherman and showed his appreciation to his savior with love and care. Dindim’s full recovery allowed the fishermen to release him.

Yet, Dindim shocked his rescuer by returning a few months later. Joo did not anticipate the penguin’s comeback.
The penguin now spends the months of June through February with its savior every year before returning to its original habitat and breeding grounds, which include the coastlines of Argentina and Chile.

The penguin has great faith in the guy and jumps up into his lap to be bathed. Perhaps the guy is seen as a member of the penguin’s family. Even the penguin shows emotion when he sees him; it wags its tail vigorously and lets out a happy scream.

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