Do you know that there are horses with curly manes? – No? Here they are!  

The world’s proudest and most attractive animal is the horse. These creatures combine strength, elegance, and intelligence. Also, these creatures were almost the most adored and revered due to how simple it was to teach them.
Horses come in a variety of breeds. Today, we’re going to introduce you to the “Curlies,” a unique type of horse. No one can ignore them since they are so adorable.

A rare curly haired horse for the 99% of people who have not seen one yet -  your welcome : r/interestingasfuck

It turns out that the gene in these horses that causes their fleece to be so curled is specific. Their fleece is much like a sheep’s: curly. These horses are very valuable and are regarded as a natural wonder.
They may look gorgeous, but they may be harmful to people. Did you believe they were capable of violence? Not at all, no. They are highly social animals. The key is that one enzyme in their wool can trigger allergic reactions. According to some studies, the curlies’ hair lacks a certain protein, which leads to allergies. Hence, we can only gaze upon them admiringly.

Zoologists are still baffled by the origin of the “curlies,” despite the fact that this breed has existed for thousands of years. The fact that these animals were originally mentioned in Chinese histories written before our time is what I find most fascinating.
Most curlies reside in South America, Scandinavia, and Asia. There are fewer and fewer horses of this breed each year.

Although hunting them is forbidden and they are protected by several international agreements, there is still poaching. Everywhere, people are looking for ways to make money, and some people will spend millions of dollars for wool.

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