What Happened When Shakira Was Seen Crying After Speaking to a Fan in a Famous Candy Store in New York

It appears that the Colombian celebrity can’t seem to stop having mood swings.
Shakira’s blockbuster hit  lit up the Jimmy Fallon program yesterday. Photographers later captured her in tears a few hours later.

Heartbroken Shakira cries in New York: Is she still suffering from the  split from Pique? | Marca

After the successful performance that night, during which the singer, as usual, danced enthusiastically and grinned widely, the paparazzi captured images of her in a very different state of mind.

Shakira paid a visit to the M&Ms shop to chat with a fan. It’s unclear what was addressed, but the star in the picture seemed really unhappy. She even appears to be wiping away her tears.

Shakira appears to get emotional as she talks with a fan while visiting  M&Ms store in New York City | Daily Mail Online

Ironically, social media users claim that the singer cried when she noticed the price of sweets. But in all seriousness, who knows? Maybe Shakira was only moved by a fan’s support.

We certainly hope that Piqué’s affairs and his mother’s scheming have nothing to do with this.

Even if the former and his family are responsible for everything, the gorgeous Colombian will undoubtedly think of another creative means to get revenge.

And even not one, but several at once: with fantasy, vindictiveness, and creativity. The 46-year-old singer has all of the above.

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