The Most “Unwanted” Dog in the UK Has Been at a Shelter for Four Years and Is Still Looking for Owners

We think that dogs have emotions. They experience the anguish of rejection. Sue, the UK’s most “unwanted” dog, shares this sentiment.
The problem is that Sue has spent the last four years residing in a shelter. Throughout this time, hundreds of dogs have been adopted in front of her.

The dog is adored and given special treatment at the shelter where Sue resides. Sue is a person who gets enthusiastic easily. The poor puppy may have been returned to the shelter after a brief adoption for this reason.

Sue was four years old when she was saved. After another four years, she still hasn’t found a family that she would adore.

The workers claim that 941 dogs have been adopted since Sue took their place. Why the boisterous dog is usually passed over is a mystery.

Most likely, when adopters look at her, they don’t like the way she appears. In actuality, brindle dogs look for a home 36% longer than dogs of other colors.

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The caregivers are still holding out hope that someone will give this broken-hearted puppy the joy and attention she so richly deserves!

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