The Moment Pamela Anderson Realized Her Ex-husband Kid Rock Wasn’t the One for Her

Pamela Anderson immediately saw that Kid Rock wasn’t the best choice for her after they were married.

The former Baywatch star remembered the time she had her misgivings during an appearance with SiriusXM’s The Howard Stern Show.

Anderson had little trouble telling Howard that she had discovered he wasn’t the one for her virtually as soon as they were married.

Pamela Anderson Reveals The Moment She Knew Ex-Husband Kid Rock Wasn’t The Right Man For Her

In the upcoming weeks, Anderson will release a documentary and a biography about her life. It will provide her with more of a platform to talk about her time with Rock.

Pamela has had a special relationship journey since she has been married several times.

Anderson Reveals When She Knew Kid Rock Marriage Wouldn't Work

She has realized that her time spent by herself has helped her mature as she looks back on her life. Before she could be with someone else, she recognized this time as being crucial to her development.

Pamela’s relationships have gone through numerous stages. It  started with her marriage to Tommy in 1995 and ending with her marriage to Kid Rock in 2006..

Pamela Anderson Reveals When She Realized Kid Rock Was Not the One -- and  Where She Stands With Ex Tommy Lee | Entertainment Tonight

She married Jon Peters, Rick Salomon, and eventually Dan Hayhurst in the years that followed.

Even though each marriage ended in divorce or annulment, Pamela emerged from all the upheavals with a better grasp of who she is.


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