I Feared Falling in Love. Rupert Murdoch, a 92-Year-old Media Magnate, Marries a Musician’s Widow

The media mogul, who is reported to be worth $17 billion, recently announced his engagement to Ann. They originally met about six months ago and have been together for a little over a year.

On St. Patrick’s Day in New York, Rupert asked Ann to marry him by giving her a solitaire ring set with a hand-selected Asscher-cut diamond. Murdoch is sure that Ann is his final love and that they fully comprehend one another. The wedding is slated for the conclusion of the summer.

Ann is the widow of country music legend Chester Smith and a former police chaplain.
She admits that Rupert and she speak the same language. She calls their relationship a “gift from God.” Her buddies are pleased for her because she also acknowledged that she had been awaiting the ideal time to become engaged once more.
From his prior unions, Rupert has six children. Throughout their six-year marriage, his fourth wife, Jerry Hall, did not bear him any children.

Ann had already been married twice, notably to Chester Smith and the lawyer John B. Huntington. Both of whom she said were abusive to her physically and morally and who were heavy drinkers.

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