Donald Trump Spoke Quite Crudely About Princess Diana, and Her Brother Responded Appropriately

It appears Donald Trump made the decision to try to divert attention away from the royal family and onto himself.
He recently declared his desire to publish letters that notable politicians, entertainers, and, of course, members of the royal family had discreetly mailed to him.

Princess Diana's furious brother reveals her humiliating true opinion of  Donald Trump - Mirror Online

Diana, the Princess, and Elizabeth II were among those who wrote to him.

The former president of the United States talked very ambiguously about both. He  highlighted how Elizabeth and the princess had been quite kind to him. Yet he didn’t exactly use a censoring phrase for this.

Consequently, when his sister was attacked, Lady Di’s brother retaliated right away.

“I was really astonished to hear Trump’s new remarks against my sister,” Charles Spencer said on his blog. All she said about him was that he attempted to sell real estate in New York using her name as a reference. She was never happy with him.

It’s interesting to note that, at the same time, Donald Trump frequently and highly praised Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Donald Trump spoke extremely rudely about Princess Diana and received a proper response from her brother

For instance, he recalled during a chat with Piers Morgan that “Elizabeth II was sitting on my left and Camilla was sitting on my right. I ultimately made the choice to talk to Camilla. She was beautiful, clever, and hilarious. Carl and Camille both appeal to me.

Donald Trump's lewd comments about Princess Diana revealed ahead of royal  meeting - Mirror Online

Online users are, of course, certain that Donald Trump’s present statements are purely motivated by hatred over the fact that Lady Di never responded.

Other accounts claim that when the princess and Prince Charles divorced, Donald pursued her aggressively. Diana evidently lacked the courage to respond to Trump’s compliments.

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