The Brown Panda, Who Was Mistreated by His Mother, Is Now Content in His Panda Valley

I have never come across someone who despises pandas. Many individuals have a soft spot for these lovely balls of deliciousness.

Even though they might be mischievous and playful, they are nonetheless adorable and wonderful. We enjoy these humorous men. You can never have enough of them.

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While pandas are unique animals, there is one unique panda in the world of pandas by the name of Qizai. The usual black and white doesn’t appear on this fluffy boy.

The only other brown panda is him. His unique genetic anomaly, according to experts, is what gave rise to the hue of his fur.

When Qizai was a cub, his mother and the other pandas abandoned him because of his unusual looks. Qizai, which was discovered in the Central Chinese Highlands, was in poor shape. The little cub suffered abuse and neglect from his siblings.

Brown panda was neglected by his mother - currently living happily in his panda valley

He currently grows up happily in a caring and calm environment. Nine years old, he is content with his happy existence in the Foping Panda Valley.

He weighs around 220 pounds and consumes 44 kg of bamboo every day.

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The size of a ball, Qizai While he moves more slowly than the other pandas, he is in good condition.

While Qizai has never given birth, a date has been set for Zhu Zhu, an 18-year-old female panda.

We anticipate Qizai becoming a father to yet another rare brown panda.


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