See What Happened When Renowned Model Gigi Hadid Became Upset and Started Crying During an Interview

Gigi Hadid juggles three roles: fashion model, mother, and businesswoman.

She has done a fantastic job juggling all of these jobs, but now she has opened up about the negative aspects of being a celebrity and how it can be exhausting.

Gigi Hadid bursts into tears sharing her trauma in new interview

Hadid admitted in an open interview with Elle that juggling her multiple tasks while in the public eye may be challenging at times.

She admitted that because of the fast-paced nature of her job, it might be challenging to provide context for some elements of her life.

Hadid learned from tennis great Serena Williams that nothing should be discussed in the media for more than three weeks in order to handle the criticism that comes with stardom.

Gigi Hadid breaks down in tears while sharing her trauma

This let her understand how crucial it is to not take herself or her career too seriously.

The model has come to terms with the fact that she cannot satisfy everyone. And that it is her life and her decisions that count.

World famous model Gigi Hadid got emotional and burst into tears during an interview: see what happened

Hadid is making the most of her various jobs. She continues to be an inspiration to many admirers all around the world.

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