“When I’m younger than 60, I want to look the same!” Lisa Rinna, 59, shocked everyone with her flawless physique in a swim suit.

Recently, Hollywood actress Lisa Rinna treated her followers to a candid image.

The actress who starred in the films “Sex, Lies, and Obsession” and “Melrose District,” who is now a wealthy writer and businesswoman, uploaded a photo of herself lounging, probably on a Canadian lake. Mother of two grown children; when married to actor Harry Hamlin, with whom she had two daughters in 1998 and 2001, the artist had a stunning body.

The 59-year-old Lisa emerged in front of the camera, her hands resting on her knees in a sexy position. Fans were able to enjoy the actress’s body’s attractions, including her large breasts and thin hips since she succumbed to public pressure.

Only a black bikini and a sizable hat with a straight brim, which covered the actress’s eyes, were present on the model. Lisa’s beautiful surroundings added to the beauty of the scene.

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