Elephants were assisted by a pensioner, and they never forgot the small favor. The animals came to say goodbye to him as he started to get extremely weak.

A guy assisted a herd of wild elephants in South Africa in 1999. Because the herd’s known for being dangerous, even the rangers refrained from intervening for fear of an animal attack. The elephants came to say goodbye to the guy after a long time when he had become weak and old.

Lawrence Anthony earned the moniker “Elephant Whisperer” because he actively works for environmental protection. He was an expert in these creatures.

A herd of elephants was thrown into a marsh in 1999. Anthony was aware that the elephants would not allow a person to go close to them. They must give each other space to breathe.

The man patiently waited for the elephants to become acquainted with him. That took a couple of days to complete.

He gave them some food. Then, one by one, he guided the entire herd onto the solid ground once they had emerged from the marsh.

The story appears to have stopped here, however, this is not the case. Elephants never forget those who have assisted them in the past! They have an incredible memory.

Lawrence has since fully lost all strength and barely leaves the house. Previous sightings of a whole herd of elephants outside the window by the pensioner’s family members include roughly 30 elephants that traveled 12 kilometers before searching for their home in the reserve for about two days.

They came to bid their old buddy farewell. The elephants eventually disappeared, probably forever.

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