“Who is it?”: Fans were shocked by new pictures of handsome Tom Cruise!

Tom Cruise’s filmography is really amazing. The actor is excellent in action and has played serious dramatic parts. His name has always stood for greater movies.

And fans simply came to the appealing actor. Tom Cruise has never liked the way he looks. He was quite confident about himself. It took a lot of time and effort to get his lovely appearance.

Nobody is young anymore, though. Sadly, we are helpless.

The actor is still acting in movies at the age of 61. Cruz works hard to maintain his figure. The star nearly doesn’t leave the salon after seeing the beautician. Yet everything appears to be pointless.

It is obvious from looking at the actor’s most recent images that time has taken its toll. For a very long time, beauty injections have not assisted in preserving a young appearance.

Many wrinkles and aging-related changes are seen in the actor. Because his followers adore him in every shape and age, Tom Cruise should accept himself.

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