The celebrity refused to wearing a bra! With a short skirt, Miss World Priyanka Chopra attended Fashion Week.

The designer of the colorful attire was the “Miss World 2000” titleholder. She favored the robe dress with a magenta neckline. Priyanka looked beautiful in a silk suit with vibrant colors that complemented her brown skin. The purple color, which appeared to be as vibrant as fuchsia, ended up being a strange idea. The top model declined to wear a bra, leaving her breasts barely visible.

Chopra arranged her hair in loose waves while leaving it down. Evening makeup enhanced Priyanka’s inherent attractiveness. She chose Bulgari jewelry this time.

The star’s hubby also looked after the celebrity look. Priyanka’s vibrant dress, which was also adorned with a print of the letters V, was beautifully offset by a printed suit with the brand’s logo.

The front-row pair was watching the show. The celebrities smiled gleefully for photographers, who seized the chance to capture the couple’s extraordinary look from practically every angle.

The photographs of the model and singer pleased their followers. “No more fuchsia, but just magenta!”, “How awesome they both look, you can’t take your eyes off it”, “That’s what I understand – they compliment each other”, and “Simply the ideal couple, bravo!” bloggers comment.

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