“Even with a sheet covering her, she will still look chic!” Cate Blanchett showed up on the red carpet wearing a silk outfit.

During the 75th Annual Writers Guild Awards in Los Angeles, Kate displayed her ability to appear chic despite wearing a basic sheet. She was dressed in a powder-colored silk dress with pockets and a stand-up collar that highlighted her well-defined physique with a flowing, straight style.

Her stylist complemented her look with elegant gold cuff earrings, traditional stiletto shoes, and many sizable rings. Robert Vetika gave Kate’s hair a sophisticated evening style, while her makeup artist highlighted her blue eyes with mascara and gave her lips a dark pink lipstick.

Todd Field, the director of Tar, and his Best Original Screenplay nomination were both supported by the two-time Oscar winner. For her performance as composer Lydia, Kate was nominated for Best Actress.

For Kate, who was up for Best Actress for her role of composer Lydia Tar in an upcoming film, this occasion worked as a sort of dress rehearsal.

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