“Back to blonde!” Nicole Scherzinger changed the color of her hair and surprised the fans with a vibrant costume.

Nicole, 44, shared a number of pictures on her own Instagram account to display her new platinum blonde hair color.

With a glittering dress with huge shoulder pads and a thigh-high slit, Scherzinger looked magnificent.

Nicole has already shown herself as a blonde despite such a drastic shift in appearance.

Later Kim Kardashian, who had also at one point colored her hair blonde, was frequently mentioned in comparisons. Fans have started to speculate that Nicole uses a wig for a quick and secure makeover since they believe the singer would not risk her hair to such frequent color changes.

A dramatic difference in Nicole’s hair length between the photos with the chestnut color and the new color also confirms this assumption. Her hair is noticeably shorter in the shot with the new color.

Yet, Scherzinger is still frequently compared to Kimberly, and some fans have even asked whether Nicole Kardashian is her in the star’s comments section.

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