“The entire gene pool is a waste!” The looks of Brooke Shields’ kids was discussed online

Adorable At such an early age, Brooke Shields worked as a model and appeared in movies. Yet when she appeared in the movie “The Blue Lagoon” at the age of 14, she shot to fame. The crowd was captivated by the young actress’s heavenly beauty. With good reason, Brooke was regarded as the world’s most attractive lady. Of course, the actress has evolved throughout the years. The age of Brooke Shields is currently 57. It’s difficult to see her past beauty of her.

Naturally, admirers anticipated that the actress’s daughters would carry on their mother’s good looks. The actress is a mother of two girls, by the way.

Grier and Rowan. Daughters were born to the actress by her second husband, Chris Henchy. Unexpectedly, her father’s genes were more powerful.

The actress’s daughters did not inherit their mother’s exceptional beauty. No grace, no gloss, claim internet users.

This reality has disappointed a lot of people. Some people think the actress should have been more careful while picking up her hubby. Daughters, after all, cannot endure comparison to a gorgeous mother. They post statements on the Internet like, “Mom has a breed, girls don’t,” “The whole gene pool is down the drain,” “The girls are fairly ordinary, inconspicuous,” and “Mom was more attractive at their age.”

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