When a lion first meets his son, it is the sweetest moment.  No matter how cruel you are, when you see your child, your heart begins to soften. The same is true for this lion. He resembles a wild animal, but when he meets his cub, he turns into a cuddly kitty.

These videos were shot in Kenya. Also, the images are just too cute. This lion’s father didn’t think twice about showing his youngster love and attention.

In the bush, something like that is quite unusual.  The 30-year-old photographer caught some of the father and son’s interactions. The photos came out great. They show their relationship and their love for one another.

It’s really challenging to capture a baby animal in a photo. They rarely display anything and constantly hide. But if you work at it long enough, you’ll finally discover the right shot.

“I went along with them everywhere. They’re so cute.” the photographer said.