What Does Cersei From Game of Thrones Look Like In Real Life? “Problem Skin And Crooked Teeth”?

We are all familiar with the stunning Cersei Lannister from the renowned television series “Game of Thrones,” which is based on George Martin’s novels. Many people admired and were impressed by the cold, cautious, and golden-haired queen of Westeros.

Lena Headey, a British actress who plays this part, is not able to claim to be an otherworldly beauty. She was granted a problematic appearance by nature, which neither exercise nor a healthy diet can change.

In a video she posted on social media in 2019, Headey pleaded for anyone who didn’t like her to unsubscribe from her account. She was referring mostly to those who criticized her beauty.

The actress made a point of wearing no makeup in the video to demonstrate that she is unconcerned about other people’s thoughts.

Audiences noticed the star’s skin to be infected with acne and a rash right away, as well as that her lower jaw’s teeth were overcrowded.

The critics of the actress questioned why the Game of Thrones star couldn’t see a regular dentist and beautician. Nonetheless, Headey’s face seems natural without retouching or “loads of makeup,” according to her supporters.

However, the actress herself appears indifferent to well-wishers. “This is who I truly am! Guys, just get used to it,” Headey writes on her blog.

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