Every morning, a man walks with his turtle to show his love for his pet.

At some point, we’ve all owned a pet. And taking walks with them is one of our favorite activities.

Hisao’s wife gave him an African turtle when he was 25 years old. And even then, the sluggish animal has been by his side.

Every morning, Hisao takes his pet for a walk.

He said that when they first met, the animal was less than 10 centimeters. He fit easily in your pocket because he was so little.

“My wife fell in love with him right away since he was so tiny; she had no idea he would grow up to be this big.”

He likes the warm weather, which is why he enjoys walking in the summer. When they see the two going throughout town, they always smile.

The average animal lifespan is 80 years.

One of the finest illustrations of a friendship lasting two people till death do them part is this.

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