“Scandal In The Dining Room!” A Shakira fan led Gerard Pique and his lover out of the venue.

The former Spanish international had an unexpected response when he showed up in a hot spot. Clara Chia Marti, Gerard’s new girlfriend, and he was about to eat supper. In Barcelona, the pair picked a Japanese eatery. Unfortunately, the tour of the facility ended with a sudden stop.

Piqué and Clara were ordered to leave the restaurant by the owner. On the internet, a video of the pair has become very popular. The football player that was picked appeared angry. They got inside the car and sped off. The owner of the sushi restaurant turned out to be a fan of the singer of the famous song Wherever, whenever. Numerous commenters also indicated that it wasn’t only the 46-year-old singer’s personal ups and downs.

The institution’s director could be from Colombia.

Several customers agreed with the restaurant owner’s choice. “This is referred to as suffering with no purpose. “I would do that too,” “Justice!” and “Only they know what transpired in the relationship,” respectively. “Honestly, everyone is worried about Shakira, but no one thinks about the mental health of the lady suffering through all this,” another person said. To be clear, I don’t support anybody,” “What a stupid owner!” “Shakira should thank this restaurant owner,” “He deserves it,” “No one has to be with anyone,” and “Shakira’s fair day,” among other comments, were made by fans.

After her husband’s infidelity, the Colombian artist remained persistent. She collaborated with Bizarrap on a song that went viral. Millions of individuals viewed the video at record speed.

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