Once the last becomes orphaned, the dog takes the foal under his wing.

Indeed, dogs are a man’s best friend. Every time they have, they take care of and defend people.  That was the case with the dog in our story, at least.

Many horses belong to Karla. Sandy is one of the horses, who unfortunately had to be put to death.

For her foal, Sandy’s passing was very heartbreaking. At the age of barely 9 months, the infant lost both parents.

But, a surprising new friendship can be the cure for that heartache. Zip the dog spent the entire night by the foal’s side, as Karla claims.
According to her, the foal cried nonstop throughout the whole night.

The infant did, in fact, lose his mother that day, but he also got the closest friend.

Karla adds, “I think he took on the guardian role for the infant, he does everything to let the youngster know he’s not alone.”

It was unexpected that the foal opted to be friends with zip because Tye is a highly selective friend. Tye is now an adult and a cheerful, healthy horse. Without Zip, he would undoubtedly not be where he is now.

Tye doesn’t have a good time among people or horses.

They are no longer together. They are no longer dependent on one another. It appears that Zip had made sure Tye would be safe on his own before they parted ways.

They will forever be special to each other.

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