“No Deep Cleavage, No Open Legs!” Following announcing her second pregnancy, Rihanna makes her first public appearance.

The major pregnant fashion trendsetter has finally made her way to her podium, or more specifically, the streets of Los Angeles, which is what we’ve all been waiting for.

As usual, Riri did not disappoint and began her marathon with a cheerful yet oddly closed image.

The singer and businesswoman dressed for supper at the restaurant in wide pants with a pacifist, an infinity sign, and other symbols, a long brown fur coat (we hope it was faux fur), and a white T-shirt with an image of Godzilla. No bare legs or revealing cleavage as she had with her previous pregnancy; instead, the clothing barely marginally revealed her big belly.

Remember that Rihanna announced her second pregnancy as soon as she finished her Super Bowl performance.

Nine months after the birth of the celebrity couple’s first kid, the news that Rihanna and A$AP Rocky had a boy in May of last year went viral. Even before that, the singer’s extraordinarily honest photographs of being pregnant both pleased admirers and offended enemies.

Thus, we are anticipating that there will be more daring exits.

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