“Heels and Stockings”: Monica Bellucci, 58, made the cover of the famous gloss in a candid outfit!

We were once again persuaded that the Italian diva is timeless when she confirmed her role as a well-known sex symbol.

The radiant brunette will be 59 this year, but she doesn’t give becoming an elderly woman a second thought. She enjoys participating in picture sessions.

With Greek Vogue, Monica Bellucci recently discussed parenthood. She expressed her ideas on the role of women in filmmaking and acknowledged her love of Greece. Tradition dictated that there would be images of the interview, which we can never get enough of!

The Hollywood diva models the most exquisite black, transparent, lace-elastic, and calf-side seam stockings in existence. A half-opened coat and high heels are what Monica is sporting as she coquettishly smiles at photographer Ellen von Unwerth.

Another image shows an Italian diva adjusting her new stockings on her slim legs while amusingly looking back while wearing a hat decorated with hooligan feathers.

Despite the evident use of retouching in these images, our conclusion is that a Hollywood actress is truly unaffected by the passage of time. We wish Monica Bellucci will eventually provide the formula for the elixir of eternal youth.

One of Tina Kunaki’s last images, who is now the wife of Monica’s ex-husband, must be shared.



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