“Jesse Pinkman from Breaking Bad Is Not the Same.” He was not spared by his advanced age.

Aaron Paul rose to prominence as Walter White in the cult television series Breaking Bad. Several years have passed since the last series’ publication, and the actor’s life has taken a complete 180-degree turn. Today, it’s impossible to recognize him as a quick-witted student involved in illicit activity.

He married his longtime girlfriend Lauren Percy in 2013. The stars have a daughter from their marriage. The actor admits to spending a lot of time with his family. He is also concerned about his career.

To draw greater attention to himself, the celebrity altered his and his wife’s surnames. In the popular series, he was known as Aaron Sturtevant, but he is now known as Paul in all newspapers.

The actor has had several invitations to appear on television and in films. Yet, many have noticed that he should now take more violent roles. They are certain that even with cosmetics, the 43-year-old actor will not be able to pass for a young student.

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