Wurst, dressed in a little skirt and heels, proudly displayed her overgrown legs on the red carpet.

The clothes of singer Conchita Wurst are unlikely to surprise anybody. The attractive artist prefers feminine clothing and accessorizes them with playful high-heeled shoes.

But, the most recent manifestation of beauty in the light has generated a lot of buzz on the Internet. The truth is that Wurst enthusiasts picked up on an intriguing detail.

Images of Conchita in all her glory quickly spread throughout the Internet, sparking discussion in the comments. “Someone give him a machine,” “Not every lady can boast of such legs,”

“Conchita looks lovely in this attire,” “I still don’t understand, is this a picture or does he truly feel like that?” Wurst fans are perplexed in the comments.

And I’d want to hear your thoughts, friends. How would you evaluate the diva’s appearance? What do you think of the starlet’s amazing style? I’ll be waiting for you in the comments section of our post.

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